The Birth of Omega Iota Zeta

Omega Iota Zeta was charted on March 16, 2012 by six trailblazing Sorors. On Founders’ Day 2012, while sitting in a local Kansas City area restaurant, six Sorors came together to fellowship and talk about their love for Zeta.

When they departed that day, in their hearts a new fire for Zeta was lit; they all agreed that it was time to bring their beloved Zeta to a position of prominence in the Kansas City area. They set out to blaze new trails in Zeta and decided to start their own chapter.

Omega Iota Zeta is poised to engage in a grass roots campaign to invite Sorors interested in embracing change with courageous leadership and desires to extend the objectives of Zeta. Guided by passion, purpose and our founding principles, the chapter’s primary focus is to serve the community and strengthen the bond of sisterhood.

Charter Members
Ramonda Mitchell-Dillard
La Veta Gardner
Danielle Henderson
Melissa Jones
Felicia Robinson
FaKeisha Wright

Out of the resilience, drive, and determination of these six women, the Omega Iota Zeta chapter of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated was born.  This chapter represents a new face and ideology of what a Zeta woman is. This chapter will continue to realize the vision set by our Five Pearls that glorious day, January 16, 1920.

Members of Omega Iota Zeta are committed to strengthening membership by providing an environment that is both welcoming and industrious for women to work and serve Zeta. With the precept that Zeta is both a business and a sisterhood, Omega Iota Zeta looks to bring Sorors home to Zeta!