Since our chartering, Omega Iota Zeta, ΩIZ, has been busy doing the work of Zeta! We strive to keep the "Light of Zeta" burning in Kansas City, to build on the solid, meaningful and flourishing relationships we have with the Kansas City community through our various events and programs.  As Finer women of Zeta, we not only work hard for our organization, we also reach out and share our time and talents with the Kansas City community at large through un-totaled hours of service. For over 90 years, the ladies of Zeta Phi Beta have worked hard to build partnerships with other philanthropic organizations and support those in need.


As members of Omega Iota Zeta Chapter we pride ourselves on scholarship, service, leadership, friendship, hard work and dedication to community based endeavors. We are an enthusiastic, "community-conscious, action-oriented" group of women who work toward impacting the Kansas City community.


Zeta Phi Beta Sorority has always been important in the community, and ΩIZ wishes to expand on the sorority’s exemplary record hence our chapter’s motto, "Expand to Serve with Excellence in Everything". We hope as you peruse our site you have an opportunity to get to know us better by seeing and experiencing the service we provide to the Kansas City community. We invite you to explore everything that makes ΩIZ a "Powerhouse of Excellence." Stop and take a peek into our world and learn a little more about who we are and how you can join us in service and collaboration.


Welcome to our Journey.